Schools all over the world have contemplated adopting virtual learning platforms to remedy the disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused their ability to provide education. However, several initiatives to adopt virtual learning, especially in Ghana and other developing countries have failed. There are three main reasons for the failures.

One, schools do not have internal capabilities to install and manage full-fledged Learning Management Systems (LMS). Several schools adopted improvised solutions like sending voice mails and snapshots of books via WhatsApp.

Second, educators lack the skills to use LMS and the capability to develop virtual learning materials that are engaging for learners.

Third, learners and their parents do not gain much from the makeshift initiatives since the initiatives (e.g., teaching via WhatsApp) are mostly impractical. For instance, the initiatives require account and device sharing between parents and learners. Also, because the media used for such initiatives are not full-fledged LMS, they do not offer functionalities that enable learners to independently engage in virtual learning with a system. Mostly, learners must download an image containing their notes and homework, do the homework in a book, take a picture of the homework, and send the picture to their teacher using their parents’ WhatsApp account. These are good starts, but they are neither sustainable nor scalable. Therefore, the massive failure of several virtual learning initiatives in our schools was inevitable.

The quest to address these challenges and to find means by which we can use ICTs to build the resilience of our educational system and institutions against disruptions gave birth to MyTeachright. For schools (i.e., pre-school to tertiary levels), MyTeachright offers a virtual learning platform built on one of the best LMS used worldwide, especially in countries such as Finland, the UK, and Australia. With MyTeachright, your school can

  1. develop the resilience that protects it from disruptions, e.g., the one caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. integrate cutting-edge technology into its teaching and learning (e.g., gamify learning)
  3. build the skills of its educators and learners to use a full-fledged LMS
  4. reduce the cost and time of developing learning materials
  5. provide educational services to learners across the country, e.g., virtual vacation classes

Features of our Virtual Learning Platform

Our virtual learning platform has several features that support teaching and learning. We provide you a few. The virtual learning platform:

  1. enables educators to enroll students and manage student enrolments on subjects
  2. enables educators to develop, upload, and organize educational materials (e.g., in lessons)
  3. enables educators to use game elements to gamify education in order to engage learners
  4. enables educators to develop, and administer assessments (e.g., test and quizzes) virtually
  5. automatically grades assessments allowing the educators to focus on keenly monitoring the performance of learning and providing tailored feedback to learners
  6. provides inbuilt messaging features that enable educators and learner to meaningfully engage
  7. enables learners to have access to educational materials on the go (e.g., for revision purposes).

MyTeachright’s Service Offerings

To enable your school to achieve the benefits of using our platforms, MyTeachright provides you technical, capacity building, and continuous innovation services.

Technical Services

  1. We install and customize an independent instance of the LMS for your school
  2. We host your LMS to ensure your LMS is secure from technical disruptions caused e.g., by power failure
  3. We regularly update and scale up (or down) your LMS to ensure you have the services you need

Capacity Building Services

  1. We train your educators to use the LMS and to develop contents for the LMS
  2. We train learners and their parents on how to use the LMS
  3. We train administrative staff on how to use the platform, e.g., to perform basic analytics.

Continuous Innovation Services

  1. We continuously develop innovative features and plugins to meet the evolving needs of your school

Flexible Costing

We know that schools differ in the number of students and the resources they control. Thus, we offer flexible costing schemes to allow any school to adopt and leverage ICTs to improve its resilience and to offer high-quality education services to its learners. We also shield schools from upfront investments and let them pay for only the services they use. Contact us and let us discuss a costing scheme for you.