Thoughts of you and your concerns for the future birthed MyTeachright. MyTeachright is a digital service company that offers virtual learning platforms to make our educational system and institutions resilient against disruptions. Recent incidents, especially the COVID-19 pandemic, have disrupted education worldwide leaving students, parents, and teachers anxious about the future of our education.

In Ghana and several other countries that solely rely on physical classrooms, the effect of the pandemic on education has been severe. Developed countries have adopted resilient education practices that have ushered in a new era in which virtual classrooms at least augment physical classrooms. In Ghana, MyTeachright seeks to make our educational system resilient by providing schools, students, and teachers access to a stable virtual classroom environment that at least augments our physical classrooms.

At MyTeachright, we offer two main streams of virtual learning platforms. We offer virtual learning platforms for schools and virtual learning platforms for individual teachers and students to co-create great teaching and learning experiences.

Schools can go to the Platform for Schools page to learn more about our services for schools. Individual students and teachers can go to the Personal Accounts page to read more about our services or go to the platform for Primary, JHS and SHS below.