Thoughts of you and your concerns for the future birthed MyTeachright. MyTeachright is a virtual learning platform that makes learning fun and provides equitable access to high-quality yet affordable education. Recent incidents, especially the COVID-19 pandemic, have disrupted education worldwide leaving students, parents, and educators anxious about the future.

In Ghana and several countries that solely rely on physical classrooms, the effect of the pandemic on education has been grievous. Developed countries have adopted resilient education practices that have ushered in a new era in which virtual classrooms at least augment physical classrooms. In Ghana, MyTeachright seeks to make our educational system resilient by providing students and educators access to a stable virtual classroom environment that at least augments our physical classrooms.

Further, MyTeachright has assembled qualified and highly experienced teachers who employ appropriate and cutting-edge virtual learning tools to make learning fun and engaging for their students. There are virtual learning platforms for primary school (which consist of pre-school and basic school), junior high school, and senior high school. With MyTeachright, students

  • comprehensively complete the Ghana Education Service (GES) Syllabus,
  • have fun whilst learning,
  • can afford high-quality education,
  • meaningfully engage with friends and educators,
  • learn how to use a cutting-edge virtual learning platform; a skill that is very important for the new era, and
  • are proud they made a great choice

Enroll now and have fun whilst securing your future.